Humble Pie – Defenders of the Faith Interview

In the early 70s, few bands rocked harder and drew bigger crowds than Humble Pie. Their loud, sweaty brand of blues and boogie infused rock n’ roll spoke to a generation of kids hellbent on hellraising, paving the way for all hard rock and heavy metal bands to follow. From Aerosmith and Van Halen, to KISS and The Black Crowes, there are few bands who weren’t directly influenced by Humble Pie. The ones that claim they aren’t are lying. Taking this historic importance into consideration, it was an honor to sit down with original Humble Pie drummer and co-founder Jerry Shirley. In this exclusive interview, Shirley looks back upon 50 years of Smokin’, the band’s legendary (and sometimes infamous) shows, and his plan to honor Humble Pie’s legacy in the years to come. “C’mon Everybody”!

Defenders of the Faith

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